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Helpful Links

Want to know how to become a Christian?
Here is a brief explanation of the way to do so:
God's Message of Good News for Everyone

Need help with finances?
Crown Financial Ministries
      Lots of resources. Computer budgeting program; money map; books; advice and web links to help. All this from a biblical perspective.

Bible Study Sites:
This site features:
      A wonderful video discussion of the New York Times best seller The Shack
      A free downloadable copy of the NET Bible with notes. The 72,000 notes are invaluable in Bible study
      Bible study courses
      Finding God article
      and much more
      Seven thousand pages of free awesome Bible study materials by Dr. Constable. Pastor Keener uses it all the time in his sermon preparations.
      Don't let that scare you. He uses it because it is easy to understand and answers many of his questions.
      These materials have a high view of the Scriptures and exhibit a love for Jesus.
      Note: every once in a while there is a technical word especially relating literary techniques that you may not be familiar with.
      However, don't let that keep you from this very helpful material.

To listen to inspirational and teaching radio broadcasts at your computer:
Haven Today
      Daily broadcast available through computer, podcasts, etc.
      Haven Today deals with current issues in light of God's words. It helps you trust God through the current issues of life.
      Inspiring, thoughtful and relevant to today's living

Family Life
      Daily broadcasts available through computer, podcasts, etc.
      Wonderful resources for help with your marriage dealing with all sorts of issues: romance, sex, communication, also, help with raising children and parenting.

Focus on the Family
      March 30, 2009 broadcast: In a spiritually mismatched marriage?
      Daily broadcasts available through radio, computer, podcasts, etc.
      A wide variety of resources for helping with family issues. They often will discuss political issues relating the family and morality.
      It has some of the best speakers available today on the program and help with evaluating movies at

Crown Financial Ministries
      Daily broadcasts available through radio, computer, podcasts, etc.
      Biblical help with finances, budgets, and advice for daily living. Books and Bible studies on money are also available.

Turning Point
      Daily broadcasts available through radio, computer, podcasts, etc.
      A favorite Bible teachers. Many resource materials available at this Website.

Insight for Living
      Daily broadcasts available through radio, computer, podcasts, etc.
      A favorite Bible teacher. Does well developing thoughts on the issues of life and the Bible. Many resources.

Moody Radio
      Lots of resources, music and programs. You can listen live to their broadcasting via computer, podcasts and more.

Help with evaluating movies:
Plugged In Online

Kids In Mind
      Note: a detailed description of the content in many movies covering sexual, language, and violence. You will know exactly what the content is before viewing.
      Caution: the descriptions are quite graphic.
      Uses + or - system of evaluating the content of a movie to easily see what is good for family viewing.

Ransom Fellowship
      One movie per issue of Critique Magazine published as often as funds permit (Subscription by donation). Has helpful questions to raise in discussing a movie with others.
      Suggests using movies for evangelism. The questions often help with this. Th underlying purpose of Critique is to engage the culture through the arts and what they are saying about God, the world, and life.
      A most interesting unique publication. The movies evaluated most often are quite pagan in their content. However, the magazine is very helpful.
      Evaluates movies and music from the secular world on its merit. By the way, it is a great Christian news magazine called World which is much like Newsweek or Time

Ken Davis
      Daily broadcasts available through radio, computer, podcasts, etc.
      Many resources. Ken Davis will make you laugh as he illustrates biblical truth.

Recommended camps for kids:
Joy El Ministries - Greencastle, PA.
*       Father-Son Adventure - May 1-3, 2009.

Camp Tohiglo

Other Links:
Bill Irwin
      Only blind man to have hiked the entire Appalachian Trail.
Pure Grace 101
      For help with an unwanted pregnancy.